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Best Wireless Routers Review

Buy Used Cisco Hardware VS New Cisco Equipment

11 Août 2011, 01:25am

Publié par router

A network is usually comprised of devices including routers, switches, load balancers and firewalls. All of these different types of networking hardware come with a price tag that can lead to quite an extensive expense. Some business owners prefer to buy new knowing their hardware will be guaranteed to work while others will buy used to save on the price. However, you will discover yourself wondering why you bought , Cisco usedinstead of new network hardwareafter reading the following:

  • When buying used Cisco hardware, you can generally save more the 50% off the price compared to new.
  • Network resellers often have better customer support so you can actually speak to a human being without being charged for it.
  • Most popular network resellers offer warranties that rival any manufacturer warranty.
  • A new Cisco device will become used as soon as you open the box. Therefore, you could have done some homework to find how many locations the Cisco device was used before it comes into your possession.
  • Not only on price, but the best network resellers test the equipment to ensure it works saving you a headache.
  • When buying, used Cisco hardware, you are preventing the device from ever touching a landfill. Electronic devices contain harmful materials that are dangerous to wildlife and environment in general.
  • Your boss will praise you for saving the company money by using your brain.
  • Network equipment resellers will offer you other used networking hardware solutions to ensure your network receives the best choice on product.
  • When dealing with Cisco equipment, there is an exception to the "buying new" rule. GBICs can be purchased as compatible for the manufacturer's product at a less expensive price.
  • You can take the money you saved your company and give your employees a surprise bonus increasing moral. Increased moral leads to an increase in productivity.


The 10 reasons above of buying, used Cisco hardware, instead of new / used Cisco network hardware,may let you no hesitate to choose used one. Also purchasing new Cisco equipment, such as Cisco routers, Cisco switches, firewall, wireless AP or Cisco module, will be considered by some large enterprises because of higher networking requirementand better networking solutions and service. These can be easily received from buying, new Cisco network hardware. So new or used Cisco, that depends on your networking need and requirements.

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