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Cisco 3750 Comparison, 3750 V2, 3750-E, and 3750-X

2 Décembre 2013, 01:49am

Publié par router

We know that Cisco 3750 series is a kind of stackable, environmentally-friendly switch that improves LAN operating efficiency and offer the highest resiliency. Also we are clear that the Cisco Catalyst 3750 v2 Series are next-generation energy-efficient Layer 3 Fast Ethernet stackable switches. These new switches support Cisco EnergyWise technology, which helps you manage the power consumption of your network, thereby reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. And the Cisco Catalyst 3750 v2 Series consumes less power than its predecessors and is an ideal access layer for enterprise, retail, and branch environments. It helps increase productivity and protects your network investment by providing a unified network for data, voice, and video.

What are the MAIN differences between the lines of Cisco 3750 series switches? Now we list a brief overview of the biggest differences between the Cisco 3750 V2, Catalyst 3750-E, and the Cisco 3750-X.

Network Modules
There are four network modules for the 3750-X. Each provides a combination of GbE or 10GbE interfaces. For upgrade protection and scalability we often find ourselves deploying the four port network modules that support either four GbE or two 10GbE. This allows a customer to utilize existing GbE connectivity and later upgrade to 10GbE.

The Cisco 3750-E supports the TwinGig SFP converter. This enables an upgrade path from 1GbE to 10GbE.

StackWise Technology
StackWise technology allows a group of 3750 switches to be “stacked” together using StackWise cables. This stacking of switches basically combines them into one functional unit providing much higher levels of redundancy and capacity while providing investment protection. Since switches can be added to the stack you can “pay as you grow”. StackWise backplanes rates are 32Gbps and up to 9 switches can participate in a stack. Keep in mind these rates assume that all switches are connected with two cables. For example, if you connect two 3750s together with one StackWise cable you will only achieve a rate of 16Gbps.

StackWise Plus
Built on StackWise technology, StackWise Plus offers several improvements in speed and performance. StackWise Plus offers 64Gbps backplane across the StackWise cables (backplane). Up to nine switches can be in the stack. Performance is also enhanced with “local switching” of packets. With StackWise technology packets had to traverse the full ring regardless of destination. StackWise Plus eliminates this and once the packet finds its destination it no longer traverses the entire ring.

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