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Best Wireless Routers Review

Cisco 7600 Router, Enterprise Head Office Required

14 Juillet 2011, 01:55am

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The 7600 series is very threatening in the carrier Ethernet services edge (ESE) router market due to its broad range of features and market penetration.And itprovides customers the flexibility of three different form factors: Cisco  7603, 7606, and 7609S-S32-10G-B-R


As the most scalable service-rich router in the industry, each chassis offers the ability to bring DS0 to OC-48 WAN connectivity, and 10-Mbps Ethernet to 10-Gigabit Ethernet LAN connectivity to the Internet data centre, metropolitan aggregation, WAN edge aggregation, and enterprise networking applications.


The 7609S-SUP720B-P router not only addresses Ethernet switching, routing, and aggregation functions; it also provides support for converged voice, video, and data services as well as extensions to support IP mobility transparently.


Key Features

Chassis ranges: 3-slot (240Gbit/s) , 4-slot ( 320Gbit/s ), 6-slot ( 480Gbit/s), 9-slot (720Gbit/s) and 13-slot (720Gbit/s) [1].

Up to 256 Gbit/s switching fabric capacities and up to 30 Mpps forwarding performance

Interface breadth: Scaling from DS0 to OC-48/STM-16; 10 Mbit/s Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Support for Cisco 7200/7500 Port Adapters via FlexWAN module 7609S-SUP720BXL-P

IP/MPLS features: MPLS VPN, Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing/ Low Latency Queuing (CBWFQ/LLQ), weighted random early detection (WRED), hierarchical traffic shaping, and Quality of Service

Ethernet subscriber services: 32,000 PPPoE subscribers, 16,000 L2TP tunnels and 16,000 SSG subscribers per MWAM module.



Carrier Ethernet: Aggregation of consumer and business service

Ethernet services edge:Personalized IP services

Wireless mesh networking and mobility service convergence

IP/MPLS provider edge routing 7609S-SUP720B-R

Enterprise WAN aggregation

Headquarters core routing


Cisco 7600 Router’s Price &Availability

Cisco 7600 series ranges from US$5000 to US$20000, not all the types are required by enterprise head offices. There are some 7600 series items such as 7606S-RSP720C-R, 7606S-RSP720CXL-P, Cisco 7609-S, Cisco 7606-S; these are popular among large enterprises. Prices of Cisco 7606 and Cisco 7609 are available here:

CISCO7606:List price: US$6,000.00 / Wholesale Price: US$2,940.00

CISCO7609:List price: US$10,500.00 / Wholesale Price: US$5,145.00

7606S-RSP720CXL-R: List price: US$6,000.00 / Wholesale Price: US$2,940.00

7606S-S32-10G-B-P: List price:  US$10,500.00 / Wholesale Price: US$5,145.00

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