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Guide to Assign Multiple IP Addresses on a Cisco 1841 SDM

19 Octobre 2011, 01:48am

Publié par router

The Cisco Device Manager, or "SDM," is designed to provide a graphical user interface configuration method as an alternative to the classic Cisco "CLI" (Command Line Interface). The SDM can be used to configure several IP addresses to a buy cisco 1841 router by following a simple procedure.

How to Assign Multiple IP Addresses on a Cisco 1841 SDM?
A.Click the "Start" button in Windows. Click "All Programs," then click the "Cisco Systems" program group. Click the "Cisco SDM" icon in order to start the SDM software.
B.Type the IP address of the cisco 1841 1t into the "Enter the Address" box in the "SMD Launcher" window and then click the "Launch" button. The SDM main window will appear.
C.Click the "Configure" icon at the top of the SDM window, and then click "Interfaces and Connections." Click "Edit Interface Connection" tab and click on an Interface from the list displayed and click the "Edit" cisco 1841 dsl icon that is above the list of interfaces.
D.Click the "Connection" tab in the "Interface Feature Edit Dialog" window. Click the "IP Address" drop-down box and select "Static IP address" in the drop-down menu.
E.Type the IP address for the particular interface into the "IP address" box and type the subnet mask for the interface into the "Subnet mask" box. routers 1841 Click the "OK" button to save the setting.

F.Repeat the IP address assignment procedure for each interface to which you wish to assign an IP address.

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