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Best Wireless Routers Review

Why Buy Used or Refurbished Cisco Equipment?

4 Août 2011, 01:25am

Publié par router

Recycling, Protecting environment, reducing electronic waste, all these topics are drawing people’s attention. That’s because pollution becomes more serious with the high development of technology and unawareness of saving resources. Actually, if you are ware of being an environment protector, you and take action from everything around you, such as no using plastic bag, planting trees, recycling garbage, reducing e-waste.


So for netizen, if you need to buy network equipment, buying used or refurbished one such as used Cisco should be a good choice.


Compared with new Cisco or other network products, what benefit you can get? Look at the reasons from official used Cisco.


Buying a used Cisco router enables your business to take advantage of breakthrough advances in networking technology - without paying a high price. Unlike ordinary used routers, buy network hardware routers from Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment give you the foundation for an intelligent, resilient network, with industry-leading technologies that can protect your investment and lower your ownership costs.


Purchasing a used Cisco router helps you to put your IT dollars to work even harder. Genuine used Cisco routers can be deployed in training labs, temporary offices or classrooms, used as spare parts or even as non-production assets for disaster recovery. You’ll save more off the list price of equivalent new equipment.


Cisco Certified, 100% inspected, fully licensed, attractively priced, genuine buy used cisco, etc. all these let you no hesitate to choose a used Cisco. So buying used Cisco to green our environment.


Notes: Router-switch.com is the World's Leading Cisco Supplier, founded in 2002. We provide network equipment that reduces the cost of network infrastructure, and is renowned for their customer service and huge supply of robust, cost-effective products. Our customers are including network equipment resellers, system integrators, service providers, governments entities, banks, the global 1000,  medium and small enterprises. Also we buy used surplus network & Telecom equipment. Our Network Liquidators Provides Hong Kong buy and sell cisco and Network Liquidation Services

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