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Best Wireless Routers Review

Wired Router & Wireless Router

17 Novembre 2013, 22:54pm

Publié par router

If you use computers in your home or office, it is likely that your computer is connected with other computers through some type of router. Like a police officer directing traffic at an interchange, a router will direct or route information, data and files to the locations they need to go. Generally, Routers that we used can either be wired or wireless.

A wired router will generally connect to your computer and computers or hardware through an Ethernet cable. This happens with the use of output ports. And the only input port provided on a router will be used for the Internet.

A wireless router may allow access from several computers through wired Ethernet cables and through wireless connections. You will know the router you are using is wireless if it comes with an antenna. The antenna will provide the router with a specific range that allows other computers in the area with wireless capabilities to access the router, provided they have password access.

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