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Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series, How to Change the Password on It?

17 Novembre 2011, 23:49pm

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The Cisco 3750 switch has contributed greatly to Cisco's success in the networking hardware market. Its features provide efficient and reliable network switching services. You can find a pre-owned 3750 model at a good price, and if you do buy a pre-owned Cisco catalyst 3750 switch, you may need to change the password before you are able configure it to work on your network. Fortunately, Cisco has provided a built-in procedure that allows you to change the password.

Things You'll Need

Cisco 3750 switch and serial cable

Computer with terminal emulation software

How to Change the Password on a Catalyst 3750 Switch

1. Connect your computer to the 3750 switch using the blue serial cable that typically comes with it. Connect the 9-pin d-shell connector to your computer's serial port, and connect the RJ-45 connector to the switch's console port.

2. Configure a terminal session to the switch. Power up your computer, open a terminal emulator application, and configure a terminal session with the following settings:

9600 baud

no parity

1 stop bit

8 data bits

Xon/Xoff flow control

Save the configuration with a name that you can recognize later.

3. Hold down the "Mode" button on the left front of the WS-C3750-24FS-S, and plug in the power cable. Five seconds after the Stat LED goes off, release the "Mode" button. The SYST LED should start to blink amber.

4. At the command prompt, issue the following commands to the switch to prepare it for the reset procedure, and rename the current configuration file:



dir flash:


5. Boot the 3750 switch by issuing the "boot" command and pressing "Enter." At the "System Configuration Dialog" prompt, answer "n" and press "Enter" twice.WS-C3750G-24PS-E This should display the "Switch>" prompt.

6. Issue the "en" command at the prompt, and press "Enter." You should see the prompt change from "Switch>" to "Switch#." Rename the configuration file with the following command:

renameflash:config.oldflash:config.text (press "Enter")

Press "Enter" to accept the destination filename default.

7. Copy the configuration file into the WS-C3750-48TS-E memory with the following command:


Press "Enter" when prompted for a destination filename to accept the default.

8. eate new passwords for the 3750 switch with the following commands:

conf t

enable secret spswd (spswd = your new secret password)

enable password enpswd (enpswd = your new enable password)

linevty 0 15

passwordtpswd (tpswd = your new terminal password)


line con 0

passwordcpswd (cpswd = your new console password)

write memory

The 3750 will issue a "Building Configuration" message. When you see the [OK] message at the Sw1# prompt, you have completed the password change for the Cisco 3750 switch.

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